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Friday, March 25, 2011–Hibbing, Minn.

[all photogs are Pam McCrory photogs, submitted by Joe Gould–click to enlarge]

THE BOYS (AND GIRLS) ON THE BUS--These West Mesabi Iron Rangers traveled from Grand Rapids to Hibbing for a labor rally--passing through my hometown of Pengilly which is halfway between.

I was indeed proud of my homies from the Range last Friday night when about 300 concerned workers, union members and their families turned out for an Iron Range Solidarity Rally at the Memorial Building in Hibbing–the proud hometown of the late Governor Rudy Perpich, Bob Dylan and the World’s Largest Active Open Pit Iron Mine.

Other commitments kept me from driving over to Grand Rapids and joining a busload of Itasca County DFLers who drove across the Mesabi Iron Range to the rally.  A couple of my friends brought me there in spirit. Joe Gould, a young DFL activist and City Councilman from LaPrairie sent me photographs that were taken by another friend, Pam Mcrory.  Mike Simpkins a Beltrami County DFLer from Bemidji and member of the Laborer’s International Union of North America filled me in with some details by phone. Pam is another great DFLer from Beltrami who lives in Bemidji.

Mike Simpkins, a Laborer from Bemidji and Mike Sundeen, a Painter from Carlton County showed their colors.

United Steelworkers of America proudly display their banner.

Jayci supports working families. That should be no surprise since her grandpa is John Rebrovich, USW staff representative for District 11 and a life-long supporter of unions and the DFL.

Iron Range icon, card-carrying Steelworker, and DFL State Rep. Tommy Rukavina (left) peaks out from behind a rally placard.

[Hat tip to Joe and Pam  for the photogs and Mike for info!]

[DFLers proudly belong to the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota!]

Screen shot of Pam McCrory from the TV news.

Colleen Nardone (right) is a long-time DFLer from Grand Rapids and a member of the DFL Women's Hall of Fame.

Screen shot of Joe Gould from the TV news. See link to news story and video below.

For a story and news video, click this  link.


We are one on the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota!



March 22, 2011-Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Bridge over Interstate 94--entering Wisconsin from Minnesota.

There are hundreds of photographs from rallies in Indianapolis and Madison posted on this ON THE ROAD…WARFARE ZONES OF THE MIDWEST blog.  Several readers and viewers have contacted me regarding personal use of these photographs as well as use of my photographs for publication.

Union Brother Mark Froemke has been my traveling partner on this trip.  Mark and I have decided that this blog is our contribution to the working family class warfare struggle that is currently taking place across America.

That means the hundreds of photographs that are posted on this blog are free.  Scroll down through the stories–and click on the “older posts.” If you see a photograph you like–perhaps one of you with your picket sign…or one of you and some co-workers, family, or union brothers and sisters in a crowd shot..or photogs of the WI 14, Jesse Jackson, labor leaders, or Tony Shalhoub from MONK–you can have the photograph(s).  If you choose to publish any of these photographs either online or hard copy–on your own blog, in your union or organization newsletter, on your personal Facebook, in a political, campaign or legislative newsletter or brochure, etc.–please include the following:

[Photo by Ted Fiskevold; member NWU, UAW Local 1981, Twin Cities Local 13, AFL-CIO; from the blog https://midwestuniontravel.wordpress.com/%5D

The photogs are free, but of course, if you feel the need to buy any of these photogs, feel free to contact me and we will figure out how you do that by paypal or get a check to me.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy the blog, enjoy the photographs. enjoy the stories–spread the word around to your co-workers,  members, friends and family.

Thanks for visiting this blog.

TedF & Mark Froemke


Working families will prevail at the ballot box!

Sunday, March 13, 2011—Hudson, Wis.–TedF photogs–click to enlarge

Candace Lund, MN AFL-CIO ‘Zing Director

Mark Froemke and I wheeled into the Park and Ride lot near the bridge over I-94 in Hudson, Wis. a little after 3 p.m.  A visibility picket was just winding down and Candace Lund, Minnesota AFL-CIO Mobilizing and Organizing Director was busy wrapping things up.

Candace, a women with a lot of ‘zing in her title who puts a lot of zing into her job, told us the picketers encountered “Even greater reception than the first few Hudson rallies.”  That was not surprising since the polls had not been kind to Wis. Gov. Walker or his Republican allies in the legislature in regards to their views on collective bargaining and Walker’s association with the Koch Brothers; more specifically his now infamous phone call from “Koch.”

The visibility picket message was mainly on the recall to keep people stirred up about Walker, but more importantly, to aid in the recall efforts on Republican Senator Sheila Harsdorf.  Harsdorf’s district includes Hudson, bucks right up to the Minnesota border, and requires 15,744 petition signatures in order to recall her.  A goal that was not too lofty, Candace told Jerry Ockerenfels, Froemke and me.

Ockerenfels is the Financial Secretary/Business Agent for the Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union Local 22.


Mark Froemke and Jerry Ockenfels—both members of the BCTGM—converse with ‘Zing Director Candace Lund.

“Last week, a Koch Brothers-funded bus was traveling around the state trying to drum up tea partiers to support Walker and Harsdorf,” Candace said chuckling. “As it turned out, there were only a few people on the bus, but about 50 people and Republican Senator Harsdorf showed up at the Best Western in Hudson.  There were about 500 union members there at this event and we ended up getting several hundred signatures on a recall Hardsdorf petition.”

Over by the bridge, three members of the National Air Traffic Controller Association (Local ZMP out of Farmington, Minn.) were still picketing so I went up there to talk to them. It was  fitting that these activists were helping out our Wisconsin labor neighbors.  Not too long ago, Ronald Reagan was busting unions and firing the PATCO boys.

Ethan Piche,Craig Boehne and Larry Nuorala are members of NATCA Local ZMP. The three union brothers picketed at a rally in Hudson, Wis. last Sunday.

Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter said at Saturday’s rally in Madison, “I would never quote Ronald Reagan, but  Reagan once said, ‘Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.’”

It was also fitting that Mark and I ended our rallying for this trip in the first working family class warfare zone that we started in—the bridge over I-94 in Hudson.

Madison, Wis.—March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF—click to enlarge thumbnails or photogs]

This is Part II of  my photo features on the return of Wisconsin’s 14 Democratic State Senators to Madison.

Democratic State Senate Minority Leader, Monona's Mark Miller, paused to soak up the crowd and the Saturday sun while his colleague, Senator Spencer Coggs gives a close-fisted salute to over 100,000 working people who cheered the heroes home.

Walker, your layoff notice is being prepared...

“We will take our Capitol back. And we will do it together!” cried Democratic Senator Julie Lassa of Stevens Point.”We’re going to take this case all the way to the courts. Wisconsin can’t afford Republican rubber stamps for their governor.”

Senator Dave Hansen, Democrat from Green Bay

"Greetings from northern Wisconsin," said the Democrat from Conover, Senator Jim Holperin. "Thank you for being loud! Thank you for being peaceful."































With her son by her side, Democratic Senator Lena Taylor from Milwaukee said, “They did not hear you now, but they will hear you later!”












Senator Dave Hansen (center) and Senate Minority Leader Miller


Wisconsin's Fab 14 in a show of unity.













Senator Bob Wirch, a Democrat from Pleasant Prairie, gives a thumbs up to the crowd.

Senator Hansen, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Miller and Senator Risser...


Madison, Wis.—March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF—click to enlarge thumbnails or photogs]

“We didn’t just break the record for debate, we shattered the record for debate,” Wisconsin State Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca told the crowd., before introducing the Wisconsin 14. “We will not end until our votes are restored.”



Wisconsin Democratic State Representatives are unified.








“We trade in our rally signs for clipboards and we recall the Republican senators and recall the Reublican governor who would not listen to us!” shouted Democratic Senator Chris Larson of Milwaukee.


“The Koch Brothers can’t print enough money to stop us,” promised Senator Tim Cullen, Democrat from Janesville.











“Thank you to all the Slobs here in Wisconsin…” said Senator Tim Carpenter, Democrat from Milwaukee. "...140 million in tax breaks to corporations--where are the jobs?"


“We’re going to move forward and vote. This is phase 2. Phase 2,” said Democratic Senator Fred Risser from Madison. Risser is the longest serving state legislator in American political history.











“This has always been about Rights. “ Milwaukee’s Democratic Senator Spencer Coggs had the crowd chanting: “We’re gonna unite—we’re gonna fight—we’re gonna get back worker’s rights!”

Senator Bob Jauch, Democrat from poplar said, “When the framers of the constitution wrote ‘we the people’ they meant YOU in WISCONSIN!”










“In the church, a choir director told me he can’t sing because ‘Walker has taken away my voice, ’” said the Democrat from Alma, Senator Kathleen Vinehout. “No one can take away your voice! I want you to lift up your voice!” And the crowd made some noise.

The crowd exploded over the return of the Wisconsin 14 last Saturday in Madison.









Two Wisconsin working women passionately and proudly held their “Thank you! 14 Thank you!” signs.




“Wow! You go away for a couple of weeks and look at what happens!” said the Wisconsin Democratic Senator from Middleton, John Erpenbach. “We need to take all this energy and really move forward.”












Madison, Wis.–March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF–click on a photog or thumbnail to enlarge]

The Reverend Jesse Jackson led the rally in a prayer for earthquake-ravished Japan and working families in the class warfare struggle.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson moves through the crowd on his way to the podium with the Fab 14.

Reverend Jesse Jackson in unity with the Wisconsin 14 Democratic State Senators!

“April 4 is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King,” Rev. Jackson told the crowd. “On April 5, we have to come alive…” Jackson then led over 100,000 people at the rally in the chant: “Come a-liiive—April fiiive! Come a-live! April 5…”

“This is completely overwhelming! What an incredible privilege to be standing in the footsteps of the Wisconsin 14,” Monk Star and Wisconsinite Tony Shalhoub humbly remarked at the We Are Wisconsin Rally in Madison on Saturday. “They are what democracy looks like,” he chanted to the crowd. "...This is the beginning of a national movement..."

Mimicking Republican insults about public employees, Wisconsin native Tony Shalhoub introduced his sister as “this thug, this lazy-assed malcontent good-for-nothing bully” and then clarified that she is a teacher in Green Bay. “So what do you think? Dangerous and self-serving, right? No! She’s a teacher and she’s adorable…The vast majority of Wisconsinites do not support the agenda of soon-to-be-former Governor Walker !”

Tony Shalhoub's sister is a teacher from Green Bay.

Madison, Wis.—March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF—click to enlarge photographs or thumbnails]


The crowd just after the tractorcade parade on Saturday.

Stilt walkers NOT Scott Walker!




The 100,000+ crowd exploded over the arrival of the Wisconsin 14, a.ka. the Fab 14.











Come here and listen to my story by a man named Jed...





Walker lost his grip...










Something smells fishy!

Where's Zimmy?

Huge crowd moves during break in rally action.

The crowd was thick and friends were made during slow shuffles.







An injury to one...

Kiss your Middle Class good-bye...








Walk in our shoes.

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