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Madison, Wis.–March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF–click on a photog or thumbnail to enlarge]

The Reverend Jesse Jackson led the rally in a prayer for earthquake-ravished Japan and working families in the class warfare struggle.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson moves through the crowd on his way to the podium with the Fab 14.

Reverend Jesse Jackson in unity with the Wisconsin 14 Democratic State Senators!

“April 4 is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King,” Rev. Jackson told the crowd. “On April 5, we have to come alive…” Jackson then led over 100,000 people at the rally in the chant: “Come a-liiive—April fiiive! Come a-live! April 5…”

“This is completely overwhelming! What an incredible privilege to be standing in the footsteps of the Wisconsin 14,” Monk Star and Wisconsinite Tony Shalhoub humbly remarked at the We Are Wisconsin Rally in Madison on Saturday. “They are what democracy looks like,” he chanted to the crowd. "...This is the beginning of a national movement..."

Mimicking Republican insults about public employees, Wisconsin native Tony Shalhoub introduced his sister as “this thug, this lazy-assed malcontent good-for-nothing bully” and then clarified that she is a teacher in Green Bay. “So what do you think? Dangerous and self-serving, right? No! She’s a teacher and she’s adorable…The vast majority of Wisconsinites do not support the agenda of soon-to-be-former Governor Walker !”

Tony Shalhoub's sister is a teacher from Green Bay.


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Madison, Wis.—March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF—click to enlarge photographs or thumbnails]


The crowd just after the tractorcade parade on Saturday.

Stilt walkers NOT Scott Walker!




The 100,000+ crowd exploded over the arrival of the Wisconsin 14, a.ka. the Fab 14.











Come here and listen to my story by a man named Jed...





Walker lost his grip...










Something smells fishy!

Where's Zimmy?

Huge crowd moves during break in rally action.

The crowd was thick and friends were made during slow shuffles.







An injury to one...

Kiss your Middle Class good-bye...








Walk in our shoes.

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Madison, Wis.—Saturday, March 12, 2011

[All photogs by TedF—click to enlarge]

Over 100,000 people gathered at the PULL TOGETHER SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES parade and tractorcade and at the WE ARE WISCONSIN rally for working families that followed.

This rally-goer climbed a tree for a better view of the action.

Resourceful working folks were literally hanging from trees in order to get a better view, display their signs, or photograph the event.

Workers in states across the Midwest and America, and especially in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, are fast finding out that it is far better to hang from a tree at a rally than to be hanged in a tree by Republicans who get their marching orders from billionaires who love to bash workers.

In the recent March-April issue of the UAW’s Solidarity magazine, the cover illustrates with a U.S. map where “14 battlegrounds brace for GOP attacks on workers.”  The UAW’s “14 battlegrounds” or “States of Denial” include: Minn., Wis., Mich., Iowa, Mo., Ill., Ind., Ohio, Pa., N.Y., N.J., Maine, Vt, and N.H.  All 14 are states where Republicans are attempting to strip the rights of working people.


The crowd at the Capitol in Wisconsin last Saturday easily topped 100,000. It was the larges crowd at a State Capitol this writer/photographer has seen in over 30 years of union and political activism.

The children of working families want to climb higher and not get set back








Tree hangers display their "Thank You" signs to the 14 returning Democratic Senators who were Wisconsin's heroes on Saturday


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It’s past midnight, and actually it’s now early morning, Thursday, March 10.  Mark and I are in the Candlewood Suites Hotel/Motel in Indianapolis. Mark is sleeping.  Midwest AFL-CIO representative, Mary, has pressed Mark into action to be a “Marshall” at the “Stand Up for Hoosiers” rally at the Capitol tomorrow where over 20,000 people are expected.

By the time we left Madison yesterday afternoon, the snow had turned to rain and that cold rain was washing away all the temporary beauty that the snow had so nicely delivered.

We stopped in Janesville, Wis. to gas up and eat, and all the snow was gone.  Little did we know that as we drove out of Madison, more than just snow was melting away while it rained.  Sadly, Republican extremists were taking the law into their own hands as they held committee meetings with no public notice or public input, and passed bills without quorum, in order to take it upon themselves to melt away over 50 years of worker’s rights.  And right in Wisconsin, the proud birthplace of AFSCME, the largest public employee’s union in the United States!

[“Someone left the cake out in the rain–I don’t think that I can take it, ’cause it took so long to bake it–and I’ll never have that recipe again…”  Jimmy Webb, “MacArthur Park”]

It’s time to quit wondering what those lyrics mean and do something.

It’s a big day today here in Indianapolis, and we drove in rain all the way from Madison, crawling through rainy rush-hour Chicago, to get here–feeding the now privatized toll pigs part of the way. We heard the news about Madison via cell phone, and then on TV from our hotel.

We’ve decided to skip going to Columbus.  After the rally here today, we are heading back to Madison.  It will not surprise me if there is National Guard there by Saturday’s tractorcade and rally.

Anybody who cares about the rights of workers in this country, the future of unions,  and the future of the Democratic Party should be planning to do something this weekend in solidarity.  Check with your state labor federation or local labor council, check with your union or unions in your area, check with your area Democratic or DFL party unit.  Go to Madison, Wis.  Go to Columbus, Ohio.  Go stand on a busy street corner with a sign.  But please, go do something. Don’t just stand and watch things melt around you!

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