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Friday, March 25, 2011–Hibbing, Minn.

[all photogs are Pam McCrory photogs, submitted by Joe Gould–click to enlarge]

THE BOYS (AND GIRLS) ON THE BUS--These West Mesabi Iron Rangers traveled from Grand Rapids to Hibbing for a labor rally--passing through my hometown of Pengilly which is halfway between.

I was indeed proud of my homies from the Range last Friday night when about 300 concerned workers, union members and their families turned out for an Iron Range Solidarity Rally at the Memorial Building in Hibbing–the proud hometown of the late Governor Rudy Perpich, Bob Dylan and the World’s Largest Active Open Pit Iron Mine.

Other commitments kept me from driving over to Grand Rapids and joining a busload of Itasca County DFLers who drove across the Mesabi Iron Range to the rally.  A couple of my friends brought me there in spirit. Joe Gould, a young DFL activist and City Councilman from LaPrairie sent me photographs that were taken by another friend, Pam Mcrory.  Mike Simpkins a Beltrami County DFLer from Bemidji and member of the Laborer’s International Union of North America filled me in with some details by phone. Pam is another great DFLer from Beltrami who lives in Bemidji.

Mike Simpkins, a Laborer from Bemidji and Mike Sundeen, a Painter from Carlton County showed their colors.

United Steelworkers of America proudly display their banner.

Jayci supports working families. That should be no surprise since her grandpa is John Rebrovich, USW staff representative for District 11 and a life-long supporter of unions and the DFL.

Iron Range icon, card-carrying Steelworker, and DFL State Rep. Tommy Rukavina (left) peaks out from behind a rally placard.

[Hat tip to Joe and Pam  for the photogs and Mike for info!]

[DFLers proudly belong to the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota!]

Screen shot of Pam McCrory from the TV news.

Colleen Nardone (right) is a long-time DFLer from Grand Rapids and a member of the DFL Women's Hall of Fame.

Screen shot of Joe Gould from the TV news. See link to news story and video below.

For a story and news video, click this  link.


We are one on the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota!



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