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Madison, Wis.—Saturday, March 12, 2011

[All photographs are TedF photogs—click on any photograph or thumbnail to enlarge]

More photographs from the PULL TOGETHER SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES parade and tractorcade.


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Madison, Wis.—Saturday, March 12, 2011

[All photographs are TedF photogs—click on any photograph or thumbnail to enlarge]

Wisconsin farmers and other supporters of working families drove tractors and pulled  wagons and floats in a tractorcade parade—PULL TOGETHER, SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES– held prior to a huge rally for workers at the Capitol in Madison last Saturday.  Local media estimated that 100,000 to 150,000 working people and supporters attended the parade and rally.

Nine Wisconsinites dressed as dairy cows and one Wisconsin woman carried signs spelling out “S-O-L-I-D-A-R-I-T-Y” as they danced in the street around the perimeter of the Capitol while singing “Na, na, na,na. Na, na, na, na. Governor Walk-er, good-bye!”

People poured in for the PULL TOGETHER PARADE as it circled the perimeter of Capitol Square in Madison.  As the parade progressed, people kept pouring into the Capitol area and joining the parade so that it was soon hard to tell the paraders from the parade-goers.  Two things were for certain at this Madison Mardis Gras for working middle class Americans–everybody was in unity and solidarity, and nobody believed that any good would every come from the blatant anti-worker policies of Wisconsin Republicans as they continue to abuse their power.

Thousands carried signs and banners illustrating their extreme dislike of Republican Governor Walker, the Republican Wisconsin State Senate and the Republican Wisconsin State House of Representatives as well as the billionaire Koch Brothers and other billionaires who pull the puppet strings that make the Republican executive and legislative branches of Wisconsin government dance. Recall Republicans and Recall Walker were the action phrases of the day and it is the recalling of Republicans that will chart the course of Wisconsin’s political future.









More thumbnails and photogs from parade in next post–Everyone was There and Nobody Tried to Hide

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Indianapolis, Ind–March 10, 2011–TedF Photographs

Thumbnails of large crowd –click on photog to enlarge.

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Indianapolis, Ind.–March 10, 2011–TedF Photogs

More faces of the labor movement, more faces of middle class, and a cross-section of American workers are shown below in thumbnail photographs.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge

Andy O'Leary


Brother Joseph Clark, Jr. and Brother TedF

Building Trades

Guitar Man

IBEW Brothers

Indiana State Senator Vi Simpson and friends

Mark Froemke

Middle Class


Rally attendees on chairs in the cold

Sister Steelworker


A smiling Teacher

Ted Fiskevold & Mark Froemke


Union Sisters

Union Workers

TedF & TerryO

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Indianapolis, Ind., March 10, 2011–Photographs by TedFiskevold

A few hundred billionaires in America have “declared war on us!” cried Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers of America International Union. “They got more to lose than we do and we’re gonna kick their asses!”

James Boland was born in Ireland. He is the President of the International Association of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. Referring to the billionaires, Republican Governors, and Republican controlled legislatures, Boland barked, “St. Patrick got rid of the snakes in Ireland. Now we have to get rid of the snakes in the United States!”

“We deserve a seat at the table and we will fight to get a seat at that table,” cried Arlene Holt-Baker, Vice President of the National AFL-CIO. “George Washington lost a lot of battles, but he won the war…Indiana—stay strong! Stay united. Indiana, we are one!”

“When you’re faced with bullies like this, you have to challenge ‘em,” shouted Marc A. Norberg, Sheet Metal Worker’s General President, referring to billionaires, Republican Governors and Republican legislators. And Brother Marc led tens of thousands of angry workers to chant: “Fight us here! Fight us now!” Norberg, left in orange shirt, spoke to the crowd just before the above conversation with a union brother.

“This is class warfare,” said Terry O’Sullivan, President of the Laborer’s Union International of North America. “This is a union city, this is a union state, and we’re gonna take it back!”

“Hello Hoosiers! This is how Democracy works in Indiana,” said Stu Acuff, Chief of Staff for the Utility Workers of America International. “Tell your brother, tell your sister—we will win! We will not be run over!”

Brother Terry worked the crowd like...well, like a rock star.

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